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Medycyna chińska
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According to my experience, yoga is an ancient system of controlling by man his energy. This energy is consumed by a human body understood here (in yoga nomenclature) both as a material body, a mind and some other bodies allowing him for transformations.
Although a language explaining yoga is ancient and ‘non-European’ one, the goal of yoga is understandable and still valid. ‘Chakra’ is an example of this language. This notion is still used although it could be possibly replaced sufficiently by the notion of a ‘system’ (like digestive system) which is better understood by Europeans (chakras should be possibly interpreted more from a functional and less from an anatomic point of view). Nevertheless, although chakras are energetic centers which could not be revealed by a surgeon, their existence is rather obvious for Europeans after this linguistic translation.
To me, yoga system belongs to a human heritage and it seems that it will never disappear (as long as a human body and a mind would be exposed to work and other tensions).
Yoga does prefer some kind of ethics in the general sense (see: yama-niyama) but it is not in relation, from a fundamental point of view, with any special religion or dogma (of course, an Indian culture is visible in yoga). Yoga aims do overlap rather with European psychology and medicine.